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Every story has more than one sides

"The Wrench", by junglecookie

She tried to make him understand. God knows how much she tried. She knows he does, but understanding is one thing. Accepting is another. He is a leaving. A kiss on his neck. She can feel him crying. "I'm sorry my love. I'm sorry I need to keep my vow", she whispers as she runs into the cave.

Surprised that somehow she managed to win the battle against the cursed wizard, she comes out happy, thinking that the dream came true. No tears.

She sees him. Standing still, not far away, yet something isn't right. Then he falls to his knees and she knows. "No!", she screamed, but it's too late. "No! I won!", she cries.

She holds him in her arms, as his blood stains her clothes. Her love is dying. "We live together, but die alone, they say. I shall now break that rule my dear."

She takes the dagger from his hand, as her tears merge with his blood, and sinks it into her stomach. "Die together to be together... so be it". She smiles and falls into his cold arms.

Holding him. Forever.

Arden the druid

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