Αποτελέσματα αναζήτησης


Insomnia and its horrific monsters: Vol. 1, Chapter 3, The Father

Mathieu was a peaceful man, a farmer with a small house and some crops atop the green hills of the Great Valley. His wife passed away giving birth to the last of his daughters, but he loved them all with his great heart. He was a man of principle and discipline that grew up in the Great Valley. His parents left him two cows that provided milk for the family, 15 well fed chickens and a field of tomatoes. He taught his daughters all the secrets of farming and took over the heavy work.

Every single man, woman and child that set foot in his property was welcomed as a king, a queen, a prince or princess. Food was deluging the table and wine from the best vineyards filled their cups –only milk for the children. The warm feeling of hospitality made the hearts of visitors sleep well at nights. Family, friends, even some men from the high society who respected his fame among the people of his village broke bread with him.

A melody of calmness overwhelmed their bodies. It was the melody of 14 virgin girls in the basement of Mathieu’s house that never learned a single word from him, only songs that kept his so beloved guests happy.


Insomnia and its horrific monsters: Vol. 1, Chapter 2, The stitched face of oblivion

Eyes of madness, an eternal black hole of expressions, floating in the seas of particles, devouring, consuming, ending, sending to the forgotten limbo of oblivion, where everything erased and forgotten lies.

A reaper of existence, like a sphere of black water. With perfectly circular eyes filled with the eternal rage of total annihilation. Stitched properly to keep locked the enemies of glory, history and tradition.

The eyes and mouth of the endless multiverse.