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Insomnia and its horrific monsters: Vol. 1, Chapter 2, The stitched face of oblivion

Eyes of madness, an eternal black hole of expressions, floating in the seas of particles, devouring, consuming, ending, sending to the forgotten limbo of oblivion, where everything erased and forgotten lies.

A reaper of existence, like a sphere of black water. With perfectly circular eyes filled with the eternal rage of total annihilation. Stitched properly to keep locked the enemies of glory, history and tradition.

The eyes and mouth of the endless multiverse.

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Πιο τσιγκούνη στους ήχους και τις συλλαβές
Απ΄ όσο έγινε ο Μίδας για το χρυσάφι του.

Όσκαρ Ουάιλντ, de profundis