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Walk the mile

So many thoughts, so many questions
So many years, thousands of tensions

My brain honey is a clock everworking
It sets the pace I follow running
Runnin’ always runnin’
From thoughts, catatonic spots, it could have been worse

I think it’s time babe I set the pace
Life is no longer a race
Throw the battery away, go vintage style
I don’t wanna run the mile

So many tears, so many times the will for life disappears
So many moments of life slapping me in the face with fears

It seems the time is here
Change the gear
Catch life from the horns
Punch the past
Go slow or fast or don’t go at all
Enjoy having the will to live

You’re all I breathe.

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Όσκαρ Ουάιλντ, de profundis