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Insomnia and its horrific monsters: Vol. 1, Chapter 1, The Abyss Giant

It was a slender beast. One with such eyes like the abyss looking at your soul, feasting upon its emptiness and laughing as the soul’s attempt to escape fail one after the other. Long and sharp arms like bones covered in human skin were extending from shoulders like mountains of plague, a small tongue with venom that pierced through the floor’s marble. Fangs filled with dark fluid and a set of thin legs stretching a meter or so.

The vast shadow of oblivion approached the room and then…

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Πιο τσιγκούνη στους ήχους και τις συλλαβές
Απ΄ όσο έγινε ο Μίδας για το χρυσάφι του.

Όσκαρ Ουάιλντ, de profundis